Getting Started

What You Need To Sell A Horse

  • A Free Sale Horse Account

    You can make a new SH account quickly with your Facebook, Google or e-mail account.
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  • At Least 1 Photo

    We strongly recommend including many photos of your horse. Extra photos and videos are always available to include.
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  • A Title and Description of Your Horse

    If you feel stuck, check out our article about writing a successful sale horse description.

  • Basic Information

    Age, breed, color, location, primary discipline and training level of your horse are all required. The rest is up to you!

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Advertising your horse is free.

No commitment. No commission. No cost.

All listings include 15 photos and embedded video. Create unlimited horse listings for 1 full year.

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How To Make A Sale Horse Account & Post A Horse

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Free Photos. Free Video. Always.

We believe pictures and videos are essential for selling horses. We never charge extra to include them. Each listing includes up to 15 photos and an embedded video.


  • 15 Free Photos
  • Embedded video
  • Commenting on listings
  • Easy mobile upload system

Share Your Horse

Don’t lose time answering a million comments or waste data sending videos and photos.
Keep all the important info in one place without losing visibility.
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Buyer & Seller Tools

Save Your Favorites

Make a wish list of your favorites. Tap the heart icon on any listing to save it for later.

Comments or Questions

Don’t waste time responding to multiple messages with the same question. Buyers can comment on your listing so questions can be shared with everyone.

User Profile Page

Buyers can view all your other listings from your profile page. Include links to your business website or Facebook page, too.

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