Practical Gifts – Reined Cowhorse

Practical Gifts – Reined Cowhorse

A Practical Guide to Shopping for the Reined Cowhorse Person in Your Life

We rounded up these must-have gifts for the Cowhorse person in your life. Nothing cutesty or decorative here…your NRCHA enthusiast will put these right to work!

The best part is they’re all available on Amazon. No need to even put on pants! Shopping…done.

Reined Cowhorse Gift Ideas - Show Bag Essentials

1. Show Bag Emergency Kit

Put a show bag together with essentials and lifesavers.

  • Grooming bag from Classic Equine
  • Grooming kit
  • Scissors, just in case!
  • Box of jumbo safety pins for last minute show number re-fastening
  • Electrical tape for errant polo wrap velcro
  • White rags for dust removal
  • Show Sheen
  • And the essential…Pepi Spray

Reined Cowhorse Gift Ideas - Make Travel Easier

2. Make Travel A Little Better

Anyone that goes to a lot of shows will appreciate everything on this list.

  • Hay bag for long trailer rides
  • Extra buckets. You can’t have too many!
  • Expandable hose. This one is extra heavy duty and comes with a shutoff
  • Sprayer
  • Leather Punch for emergency repairs
  • Extra extension cords are always useful.
  • Box Fan. Even in winter, these can be handy for drying hairy horses with coolers on.
  • Box Fan Hanger. Skip the ugly twine string.

Reined Cowhorse Gift Ideas - Futurity Colt Starter Kit

3. The Futurity Prospect

Did your cowhorse friend buy a yearling this year? Here’s a starter kit.

  • Jeremiah Watt Snaffle. These bits feel really good for training, and they look nice enough to show in.
  • Working headstall with good brass hardware
  • Double stitched split reins
  • Rope halter
  • Neoprene cinch – easy to sterilize after the inevitable two year old girth itch, comes in short lengths, and the roller buckle helps cinch up smoother for goosey colts.
  • SMx Air Ride pads are perfect for young horses because of their weight and thickness
  • Tie Rings are great for safely teaching colts to stand tied
  • Colt flags come in handy for starting colts and moving cows

Reined Cowhorse Gift Ideas - For the Bridle Horse

4. The Bridle Horse

Special gifts for special horses.

  • Everyone loves a pretty bridle bit.
  • Show legal chin straps have a way of disappearing–stock your cowhorse friend up!
  • Wool show blankets are always a winner
  • Skid boots
  • Sport Medicine Boots. Even if your friend doesn’t always use them, they’re great to have as a backup
  • A pretty one ear headstall for show, like this one from Martin
  • A set of work romals to help fancy rawhide ones last longer
  • This handsome mohair cinch

Reined Cowhorse Gift Ideas - The Performance Horse Vet Box

5. The Performance Horse Vet Box

Give the gift of preparedness with a vet box full of essentials for show horses. Here’s a few ideas–feel free to fill it up with your favorites!

  • tackle box is the perfect place to store all your doctoring supplies
  • Vet Wrap is great for all kinds of things–not just injuries
  • An ice boot might not fit in the tackle box, but it’s easier to use than ice packs and very effective for cooling swollen legs.
  • Rolls of gauze and Elastikon
  • Betadine
  • Tubes of electrolyte paste for dehydrated, overworked, or heat exhausted horses
  • Duct tape for hoof packs
  • Magnapaste for helping to draw out abcesses

Reined Cowhorse Gift Ideas - A Year Round Wardrobe

6. A Whole New Wardrobe

Show horses need a lot of accessories. Get a year-round wardrobe for the cowhorse in your life.

  • Heavy winter blanket – These blankets from Country Pride are a bargain. Super warm and really tough!
  • A waterproof turnout sheet is good for warmer days or even layering with a heavy blanket.
  • For the real cold times, get a detachable neck warmer to keep slick show horses from shivering
  • Sleazys come in every ridiculous amazing color and pattern you can think of. They’re nice for slicking down any fuzzy winter hair.
  • Tail bags keep tails nice at shows or during the winter when it’s hard to wash them
  • Coolers wick moisture away from sweaty horses and keep them from getting chilled.
  • fly sheet is nice for summer if you live somewhere with bad bugs. Choose one with UV protection to keep show horses from bleaching out
  • fly mask is a good thing to have around year-round. It can keep dust and debris out of healing eye injuries.

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Turns out what you don’t know could be wasting your money…

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