17 Inspirational Horse Quotes & Resolutions for 2017

17 Inspirational Horse Quotes & Resolutions for 2017

Make this year the year you make it happen.

by Claire Buchanan / @hellofromclaire

This New Year are you thinking about becoming a goal crushing, dream chasing, milestone making BAMF? You totally should and totally can.

Here are 17 pretty horse pictures, quotes and ideas to inspire the action needed to git ‘er done now or whenever. 

1. Believe it and you’ll achieve it

Write it down. Draw it. Think about it. You are the culmination of your thoughts and they are more powerful than they seem.

2. Value the experience

Memories and knowledge will last a lot longer than the new pair of jeans you probably don’t actually need. 

3. Make good choices with your time

The best things aren’t online.

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4. Get Hungry

Find that one thing that makes you so hungry it keeps you up at night. Then wake up and eat it for breakfast.

5. Get uncomfortable

Part of learning new skills is understanding that you don’t understand. Feeling stupid isn’t fun, yet it’s a necessary stage of the process. Becoming OK with this discomfort is imperative to achieving new abilities. 

6. It’s OK to have a few glitches

Hardly anyone gets it right on the first go. They were really bad for a long time and that’s what made them good

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7. Try, try again

You can always rebuild and try again. It might feel embarrassing but, trust me, no one is laughing at you. In fact, people will admire you for the courage to try in the first place.

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8. Work on maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude

Don’t let the haters bum you out. If people do laugh at you or try to put you down (because haters are just gonna hate) just smile and mentally tell them to F off. Seriously. You will live such a better life and living well is the BEST revenge.

9. Make your circle count

Sometimes getting rid of the energy-vampires sucking all the awesomeness out of you isn’t easy for so many reasons. Yet, the sooner you can identify these unsupportive types of people the sooner you’ll be free to pursue your potential.
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10. Dream big or go home

Don’t be intimidated by the size of your goals. 

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11. Light the fire

The pressure of competition will make you step up your game in surprising ways. 

12. Keep moving forward

Make all your goals look like this picture: everything moving forward. It doesn’t have to be fast or perfectly straight but keeping the momentum going is all that matters. 

13. The view will so be worth it

What you want will not happen right away. Beyonce wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to create great things and develop the life you want. Don’t be discouraged by the height of the mountain you have to climb.
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14. Keep those dreams a burning

Making changes and taking risks will be hard. Duh. However, giving up on a dream will be a slow quiet pain that haunts you in worser ways.
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15. Perfection shouldn’t be the goal

16. No time like the present

Don’t let your age be an excuse for not pursuing the experience you really want. As Robert Plant said, “There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

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17. YOLO and stuff

Stop wasting time on things that hurt you. Many of us have spent a stupid amount of time trying to make bad horses good, hoping crappy relationships magically turn awesome and wishing terrible jobs would become terrific.

Yet, the outcome is always the same: ? ?

Identify those situations. Learn from them then find a good horse, focus on quality partnerships, and seek out fulfilling career opportunities. Happy 2017!

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