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2017 Winnemucca Ranch, Rope & Performance Horse Sale will be held:

Saturday, March 4th

Humboldt County Fairgrounds, Winnemucca, NV

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This premier sale features top quality ranch, rope, and performance horses, both finished and started prospects. Each sale horse will first go through a sifting process that evaluates the horses for quality, temperament, and soundness. They will then be previewed in dry, trail, and cattle work. The Winnemucca Horse Sale has become well known for the quality horses and efficient crew year after year.

The sale is open to Ranch, Rope and Performance Horses under saddle three years of age to eighteen years of age. Age will be based on January 1, 2017. Exceptions to the age requirement may be considered by the sale committee. Grade horses and mules accepted. Age of grade horse or mule must be verified on veterinarian health certificate.

Preview opportunities for sale horses and mules include:

The preview of sale horses will be held:

Where: Event Center Main Arena
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Date: Friday, March 3, 2017 in order of draw.

Preview will have three sections: dry work, trail work, and cow work. Handlers MUST go through each section; however we only expect sellers to show what your horse is capable of. An optional roping preview will follow. The option to work a single cow will be available during the sale itself. Information on the preview will be available at the sale office. A time limit will be assessed for each entry.

About our Horse Sift & Seller Warranties

Consignor represents and warrants to Sale Manager and the Buyer of each horse the following:

  • Horse is of sound eyes and wind.
  • Horse is not a “cribber”.
  • Horse has not been nerved nor has navicular disease or any other ailment.
  • The sex of the horse is described in the catalog or from the auction block; a gelding is not a “ridgeling”.
  • Horse does not possess the defects commonly known as “parrot mouth.”

No horse will sell without the original negative Coggins test (results within 6 months of sale) and current (30 days) health certificate on file with sale committee.

All entries will be inspected for quality and condition, visible unsoundness, structural problems or unsoundness affecting future soundness and bad or unsafe habits. Entries may be sifted if conformation predisposes them to unsoundness. Only entries sound in eyes and wind will be sold. Horses will not be sifted for winter coat. Any entry showing the effects of drugs or medications will automatically be sifted from the sale. Any entry may be sifted at any time prior to the sale at the committees’ discretion. All entry fees are forfeited on sifted horses.

Learn More Details About Our Sifting Process

If you have any questions regarding the Ranch, Rope and Performance Horse Sale, please call or email Michelle Hammond at 775-623-5071 ext. 101

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Listing Type : Catalog Sales & Auctions
Location : Nevada
Sale Status : Closed / Full
# : 65Horses Consigned
Will loose horses be sold? : No
Sells At : Winnemucca Ranch, Rope & Performance Horse Sale
Date of Sale (Required) : 04/03/2017
Sale Time : 6:00pm
Date of Preview : 03/03/2017
Preview : 5:30pm

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