Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer several packages based on your selling needs.

You may choose any of the listing packages for your sale.

For open consignment sales:

We recommend longer listings to advertise that you’re accepting horses. Once consignments are closed, edit your listing to reflect your status. Add extra photos or, based on the package you purchased, you may list select consigned horses. We recommend uploading your sale catalog PDF.

For invite only sales:

Our Sale Ring package is suited specifically for advertising high end catalog sales. It allows unlimited horse listings so your buyers have access to an entire catalog digitally with extra photos. This is preferable to a PDF of the catalog because buyers may save their favorite horses right to their account. Sellers can share their horses directly to social media.

Of course! We recommend using our year-long Stallion Services package designed specially for breeding services.

If you’re listing a horse for sale or on consignment:

Required information you will need:

  • A great description of your horse. See our guide for tips on how to write a sale horse description
  • An asking price (not an option for consigned horses)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Color (registrable colors only)
  • At least one photo (up to 15 are included in every listing)
  • A primary discipline
  • Training level
  • Location

Optional information we strongly recommend:

  • Breeding & Registry information
  • Approximate Weight
  • Height in hands
  • Show record information
  • Earnings
  • Additional photos (up to 15)
  • A video

If you’re listing a sale:

Required information you will need:

  • A description that explains types of horses to be sold
  • Address of Sale
  • Time & Date
  • Location
  • At least one photo

Optional information we strongly recommend:

  • Preview information
  • If soundness is guaranteed
  • If x-rays are available
  • Number of horses estimated or scheduled to be sold
  • A link to the sale website


We’ve tried to keep our list of colors simple. We’ve listed the 17 colors recognized by the AQHA, with the addition of paint and spotted. Please pick the color listed on your horse’s registration papers, or the closest option you can find. You’re welcome to add as many details as you like in the description, so feel free to include terms like “rabicano” or “Tovero” or “frosted mane.” When potential buyers search by keyword, your description will turn up their favorite fancy color!


We’re a new site, so we may not have every discipline listed yet! Please pick the closest possible category for your horse and make sure to explore the “Skills/Talents” section so you can be more specific. Please email us if you think we’ve forgotten something important! You can also include your discipline in your description so that buyers searching by keyword can find it.


Email us if we’re missing your breed! In the meantime, you can select “Other” and include it in your description.

Oh no! We’re so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, The Sale Horse has no control over the accuracy of any listing. We are purely a listing service and all disputes are between buyer and seller. Please review our Terms and Conditions.

That’s a great question, and the unfortunate truth is that scams change and evolve constantly. The short answer is to use common sense and remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We’ve compiled a list of ways to recognize common scams and other tips for successful transactions.

Fraud.org is a great resource about all kinds of scams and fraud.

Please email us if you think you’ve been contacted through our site by a potential scammer.

You also should use the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Complaint Form.

You may also forward suspected scam email directly to: uce@ftc.gov