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17 Inspirational Horse Quotes & Resolutions for 2017

Make this year the year you make it happen.

by Claire Buchanan / @hellofromclaire

This New Year are you thinking about becoming a goal crushing, dream chasing, milestone making BAMF? You totally should and totally can.

Here are 17 pretty horse pictures, quotes and ideas to inspire the action needed to git ‘er done now or whenever. 

1. Believe it and you’ll achieve it

Write it down. Draw it. Think about it. You are the culmination of your thoughts and they are more powerful than they seem.

2. Value the experience

Memories and knowledge will last a lot longer than the new pair of jeans you probably don’t actually need. 

3. Make good choices with your time

The best things aren’t online.

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4. Get Hungry

Find that one thing that makes you so hungry it keeps you up at night. Then wake up and eat it for breakfast.

5. Get uncomfortable

Part of learning new skills is understanding that you don’t understand. Feeling stupid isn’t fun, yet it’s a necessary stage of the process. Becoming OK with this discomfort is imperative to achieving new abilities. 

6. It’s OK to have a few glitches

Hardly anyone gets it right on the first go. They were really bad for a long time and that’s what made them good

Listen: Freakonomics Podcast – Failure Is Your Friend

7. Try, try again

You can always rebuild and try again. It might feel embarrassing but, trust me, no one is laughing at you. In fact, people will admire you for the courage to try in the first place.

Watch: Try Something New For 30 Days

8. Work on maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude

Don’t let the haters bum you out. If people do laugh at you or try to put you down (because haters are just gonna hate) just smile and mentally tell them to F off. Seriously. You will live such a better life and living well is the BEST revenge.

9. Make your circle count

Sometimes getting rid of the energy-vampires sucking all the awesomeness out of you isn’t easy for so many reasons. Yet, the sooner you can identify these unsupportive types of people the sooner you’ll be free to pursue your potential.
horses for sale - Surround yourself with people who believe in your goals

10. Dream big or go home

Don’t be intimidated by the size of your goals. 

Read: 5 Reasons to Dream Big, Even When You Think You Have No Business Doing So

11. Light the fire

The pressure of competition will make you step up your game in surprising ways. 

12. Keep moving forward

Make all your goals look like this picture: everything moving forward. It doesn’t have to be fast or perfectly straight but keeping the momentum going is all that matters. 

13. The view will so be worth it

What you want will not happen right away. Beyonce wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to create great things and develop the life you want. Don’t be discouraged by the height of the mountain you have to climb.
get smarter about buying and selling horses - the sale horse blog

14. Keep those dreams a burning

Making changes and taking risks will be hard. Duh. However, giving up on a dream will be a slow quiet pain that haunts you in worser ways.
horses for sale - motivational horse quotes

15. Perfection shouldn’t be the goal

16. No time like the present

Don’t let your age be an excuse for not pursuing the experience you really want. As Robert Plant said, “There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

Read: 35 Celebrities Who Became Famous Later In Life & Proved Giving Up Wasn’t An Option

17. YOLO and stuff

Stop wasting time on things that hurt you. Many of us have spent a stupid amount of time trying to make bad horses good, hoping crappy relationships magically turn awesome and wishing terrible jobs would become terrific.

Yet, the outcome is always the same: ? ?

Identify those situations. Learn from them then find a good horse, focus on quality partnerships, and seek out fulfilling career opportunities. Happy 2017!

get smarter about buying and selling horses - the sale horse blog

Turns out what you don’t know could be wasting your money…

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Team Roping Products and Services Worth Trying In 2017

5 companies rethinking how we learn to rope and the type of gear we use.

by Claire Buchanan / @hellofromclaire

Look, I get it. Tried and true feels nice. It’s easy to get comfortable choosing the same things over and over.

I do it, you do it, we all do it, but sometimes that lets us settle for mediocre or plateau in our progress.

New Year’s resolutions for personal improvement are right around the corner. If you are a self-aware roper seeking to improve your horsemanship and roping skills, these five companies are offering some interesting solutions worth paying attention to this year.

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Total Team Roping
A Smarter Wrap For Steers
A Different Dally Wrap
Shoulder Relief Cinch
Impact Gel Technology

Get serious about getting better this year.

Personal Team Roping Training

What Is It?
is a monthly subscription service managed by Bret Beach, Clay O’Brian Cooper and Charles Pogue. TTR provides access to a giant library of educational roping videos on just about every topic.

If YouTube is the Honda Civic of roping videos, this is the Ferrari. Yet, that’s not even the cool part.

The coolest part is the ability to send a video of yourself roping and get thoroughly coached on exactly how to get better.

You do it on your time, in your pen, at your pace. Easy, breezy, beautiful…team roping.

TotalTeamRoping.com Video Subscription Service

Why You Should Care:
You basically get to practice with the pros.

It’s easy to plateau when you rope with the same people over and over again. This service gives you professional tips from people who are A LOT better than you, which is exactly how you improve.

Plus, hauling miles to a clinic and paying some $300+ for what can feel just like a group lesson sort of sucks. This is especially true if you are shy or inconveniently located near zero roping schools.

Product Details

Tiered pricing starting at $25

  • Personalized coaching video options
  • Access and perks vary based on plan
  • TTR members enjoy 24/7 access to over 1,500 timeless instructional videos
  • TTR releases at least four new videos every week
  • Videos are aimed at team ropers of all levels
How It Works:
This site is truly set up for self-learners and ropers who are comfortable analyzing their flaws (duh, that’s the only way to get better).

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to over 1,500 super helpful instructional videos. The videos are divided into easy-to-search categories and have solutions for common problems.

Each component of the video is slowly broken down using easy to understand terminology, so you’ll have no trouble implementing the tips.

Learn More 


How To Use It:

One-On-One Video Coaching – In our opinion, this is the best part of this service. Basically, you upload a video of yourself roping steers (or even just roping the dummy) and you receive a fully analyzed TTR video. They will literally draw on top of your video — like a sports replay — to show exactly what is happening while providing constructive feedback on ways to improve.

The Library – The best way to take advantage of this library is to take 10-30 minutes before you rope to watch a couple videos.

Get inspired, get educated and set up a plan for yourself based on your personal training goals. By the time you hit the practice pen you’ll be equipped with at least a couple new tools that will seriously improve your game.

Q & A Arena – Members may ask questions about specific scenarios and get real answers in the Q&A Arena. No wasting time trolling the internet for results.

Horn Wraps

A Smarter Wrap for Steers

What Is It?
The RES Smart Horn Wrap
features a faster and easier attachment method using Velcro® straps instead of buckles. You can’t see in the product photos or read this in the description, but there are some extra neat features happening here.

RES Smart Horn Wrap

RES Smart Horn Wrap

Why You Should Care:
Putting on horn wraps is kind of annoying. Making it easier for you and your chute help will make everyone happy. Also, these might make your steers happier so they don’t cheat you.

Product Details


  • Very tough outer shell featuring the RES closure System with Replacble Velcro® brand closures.
  • This wrap is easy to use with Velcro® brand closures between the horns and at the tips of the ears.
  • Comes with 2 replaceable straps.
How It Works:
The features they don’t write about in their product description includes a dally rubber connector under the jaw to help get a snug fit without needing to suck down a strap. This also acts as a breakaway safety feature if the wrap gets hung up. They say in their video this is both a weak point and a benefit.RES Smart Horn Wrap

The extended design of the rear strap keeps the wrap from sliding forward into the eye. By omitting extra fabric and straps, this horn wrap is cooler and alleviates horn pressure with extra open space between the horns. A more comfortable wrap means your steers stay fresher longer and are less likely to duck or tilt their head to avoid horn pain.


Related: Spin To Win Article: Keep Your Steers Fresh


Plus, the Velcro® in the middle is totally interchangeable. Swap out colors to easily sort steers between owners or simply identify the fast or slow runners.

A Different Dally Wrap

What Is It?
This is probably the wildest equipment innovation on this list. The Dally Post and NevaWrap are a totally different way to think about wrapping your horn.

Instead of spending the entire lifespan of your saddle rewrapping it in strips of rubber why not just make the whole thing rubber? Kinda makes sense!

Dally Post and NevaWrap – by 7K Innovations

dally post saddle horn cap chute remote control

Featured above with a built in chute remote. You would hopefully never misplace the remote again.

Why You Should Care:
According to their website these last about 18 months or 500 runs. You would have to buy 11+ regular packs of the cheapest horn wraps in order to break even on the cost of one of these Dally Posts.

How many runs = one pack of regular dally wraps? We don’t know. Do you know? Tell us!

These are also supposed to have 50% more surface traction than regular rubber strips.

Product Details


  • Choice of Surface Finishes
  • Get a Chute Remote Upgrade for Priefert ($100.00), Red River ($100.00), Quicksilver ($100.00), Tarter ($100.00), Other Chute (call for availability) ($100.00)
  • Engraving options

Used Nevawrap: 18 months, over 500 runs.

How It Works:
First you get the Dally Post. Then you get the NevaWrap which is the actual “wrap.”

The peeps over at Revolution Ropes explain it best so we’re just going quote them:

“A push button conveniently located on top of the cap releases the bearings in the locking pin, which allows the cap of the Dally Post to be removed.

The NevaWrap slides effortlessly over the Dally Post and the cap snaps back into place. The push button is recessed to avoid hand injury or accidental activation. An over-sized safety hole insures the cap won’t accidentally come off. One-way interlocking elements prevdent the cap from rotating or being installed incorrectly.”

Learn more 

A Better Saddle Fit

When your horse feels well, they work well. When they work well, you rope well.

Here are two companies making innovations to help your horse feel best in the roping pen and beyond.

Shoulder Relief Cinch

What Is It?
This company is changing the way we think about cinch fit. Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Cinch is designed to actually change the position and angle of the billets to prevent the saddle from interfering with the shoulders.

Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Cinch

Why You Should Care:
If your horse is a big mover, has large shoulders or other conformation issues it’s likely you’ve experienced saddle fit difficulties that lead to soreness. When you sore your horse roping they start cheating you and it sucks.

Product Details

$139.95 – $169.95

  • Comes in virtually every size imaginable
  • Shoulder Freedom – Intelligent design allows for full range of shoulder motion under saddle, without interference from the tree.
  • Elbow Comfort – Cutaways in the cinch move it away from the horse’s elbow for additional comfort.
  • Removable Liner – A thick 7mm neoprene liner (also available in fleece for extra $30 – see drop down menu) attaches with velcro for easy cleaning and interchangeability. Neoprene is standard.
  • Top Grade Leather – Made of ultra-durable high-end saddlery leather.
  • Better Saddle Fit – It even improves freedom of motion on horses with properly fitting saddles!
How It Works:
The ‘W’ shape of the cinch creates clearance for elbow movement but is still wide enough to disperse the weight of a steer. This innovative ‘cutback’ design helps the saddle stay in place and out of the way of shoulder movement.

The peeps over at Total Saddle Fit explain it best here

Impact Gel Technology

What Is It?
This material is insane and super cool. Impact Gel is a polymer derived mostly from soybean oil designed to seriously absorb shock, weight and heat.

You’ve most likely come across Impact Gel in shoe insoles and iPhone cases. It’s also used in many other sports industries to protect against high impact injuries such as football headgear, hockey pads and NASCAR driver protection.

Impact Gel Felt Contour Pads

Why You Should Care:
Your horse gets to share the same significant protection as top human athletes and military defenses. The inventor, Matthew Kriesel, has envisioned the material eventually being used in blast-resistant panels in buildings and military vehicles. Whoa.

In other words, your horse is getting some critical defense from shock.

Product Details

Prices range from $150-$280

  • Handcrafted and sewn in the USA
  • Heavy duty wear leathers ensure years of durability
  • Fleece lined options
  • Wool blends and blanket tops
  • Wither cutout
  • Contoured shape
How It Works:

This polymeric material ensures an impact never even reaches the surface it’s protecting by transferring the shock laterally throughout Impact Gel Padsthe dense network of molecular connections. Learn More 

In a very unscientific nutshell, it’s kind of like crowd surfing at a concert; lots of hands holding you up, passing you around until you’re gently put back on the ground.


What We Wish They Would Make:
Skid boots, bell boots and steer horn wraps! This would be so handy.

If you haven’t watched sales rep unsuccessfully crush M&Ms between the Impact Gel using a hammer, you can watch this video of a guy getting his hand run over to experience the same effect:

Turns out what you don’t know could be wasting your money…

Find Horses For Sale

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11 Ridiculous Horse Gifts For Your Christmas List

Horse Gifts You Probably Didn’t Know Existed That You Will Totally Want This Holiday Season

by Lisa Whinfrey & Claire Buchanan

1. This LED breast collar

Who needs rhinestones/studs/fringe/silver/anything else on your breast collar when you could just have a Lightsaber Chest Shield instead?
LED Breast Collar

2. Rudolph The Reinhorse

Why sit on Santa’s lap when you could just sit on your horse?

3. Stable Cologne Spray

Finally! Now you can have clean clothes but still smell like a barn!  Also available in Fresh Hay, Dirt, and Saddle scents just in case you wanted to round out that olfactory equine experience.

4. Gift the experience of a horse without a real horse

Combined with a spritz of Stable Cologne, this will basically eliminate the need for an actual horse. Literally includes a FREE cowboy hat!

5. A gift to turn your cow dog into a cow horse

Don’t let Fido feel left out this holiday season.

6. This totally absurd lazer unicorn cat sweatshirt

What is even happening here? We don’t know but we like it!

7. …Or this Space Santa unicorn-tamer sweater

A magical Spaceicorn obviously beats a silly sleigh and reindeers.

8. This poop paper holder

It’s kinda like mucking stalls but with the comforts of home.

9. This wine holder

This object pretty much looks like the best party you could ever have. Wine + Horses? Yes, please and make it a double. ?

10. Actually, just take it up another notch

Let your wine make you feel even more magical.

11. Or just turn your real horse into a fake unicorn with this attachable glitter horn

You may have already known you need this, but we found it for you. You’re welcome.
The Sale Horse Girls

FTC Disclosure: The Sale Horse, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This means we get a small commission if you buy through our Amazon store or by following our links and making a purchase.

Turns out what you don’t know could be wasting your money…

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An Ode To The WNFR


Descending into that city on my cheapo-air flight
I mentally get prepared to do no sleeping at night


It’s that time of year at the start of December
two weeks in Vegas most won’t remember


The best arena cowboys come to town
the suspenders snap on the rodeo clown


Sin City is getting ready to transform
As Cowboys and Wannabees take it by storm






The people watching is absolutely grand
The crazies come from all across the land


We’ve got women rocking purple hair
The guy in muck boots who just doesn’t care


Girls who left their room without pants
shameless Brazilians that know how to dance



The Official NFR Experience



Another head adorned with an oversized headband
Winter legs on display, that are overly spray tanned


Too many squash blossoms to count
Which must cost an ungodly amount


South Point is where the real hands reside
But you better win big to afford that cab ride



The Official NFR Experience



Prepare to pay 7 dollars for a bottle of water
Vegas in December should really be hotter


Enjoy watching the rodeo athletes compete
Winning ten days of competition is quite the feat


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas or so they say
Come to Sin City in December and have a stay



The Official NFR Experience

Tayler Teichert - The Sale Horse

About Tayler Teichert

Tayler Teichert was raised on ranches all over the west. She is the youngest of seven children. She is a full time ranch hand and loves classy ugly sweaters. When she isn’t being a bad ass somewhere near cows and horses she likes to be a freelance photographer. Tayler writes to entertain not inform and contributes to several online publications.

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The Sale Horse Goes to Reno

The Sale Horse went to the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity and here is what it looked liked.

The Snaffle Bit Futurity is the crown jewel of the National Reined Cowhorse Association premier events. Each year, trainers from around the continent bring their best three year olds to compete for the prestigious title of Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion.

Skip to: Behind The Scenes: Reno From The Aisles   •   Sale Recap

  NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity, Reno, Nevada
  September 2016
  iPhone 5, shot by @hellofromclaire
  Written by Lisa Whinfrey

NRCHA Futurity

Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity 2016

Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity 2016

Each horse must compete in three events: cutting, reining, and fence work. The top horses make it back to the finals, where they compete in all three events for a second time. The most exciting night of the nearly two week long event is the Open Fence Work Finals, where the best trainers work a single cow at top speed for the chance to be crowned champion.

2016 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Champions

Duals Lucky Charm carried 28-year-old Kelby Phillips to his first National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Championship with a 663 composite score (218 herd/220.5 rein/224.5 cow).

Behind The Scenes: Reno From The Stall Aisles.

While the glory is seen inside the walls of the Reno Sparks Livestock Center, the hardest work happens at home and in the hours of prep before the actual run.

Competing for the NRCHA’s most distinguished awards creates a subtle atmosphere of anxiety in the concrete aisles where some of the industry’s most talented equine performers stay during the show. Late nights, early mornings and lots of waiting only add to the performance pressure trainers and their hired help experience during the two week event.

NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity 2016 Reno-Sparks Events Center

Above: The Help finally relax after another long day of event prep and chores. Working for show horse trainers can be a grueling job full of long hours, low pay and high expectations.
NRCHA 2016 Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale


The Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale

Another highlight of this long-standing event is the Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale. The Sale Horse team was there, behind the scenes and in the stands. Here are a few snaps of what it looked like. 

The Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale is actually made up of four separate sales where approximately 200 horses were consigned overall.

Complete sale results can be viewed here

Related: Quarter Horse News coverage of the sale

Related: Advice from Zane Davis on at Futurity Sales


The Classic Yearling and Broodmare Sale

The Classic Yearling and Broodmare Sale was a success, with both gross and average sales increasing significantly over last year’s numbers.

Top Seller:

The high seller was a 2009 WR This Cats Smart x Say Somethin Smart x Smart Shiner. This fancy palomino mare is in foal to Hickory Holly Time. She was purchased for $37,000 by Jason Patrick of Whispering Willows Ranch.

The Select Yearling and Broodmare Sale

The Select Yearling and Broodmare Sale is reserved for horses by proven stallions and out of money-earning mares. Consignors must provide radiographs when consigning horses.

Top Seller:

The top seller for 2016 was Metallic Babe, a sorrel colt by the great Metallic Cat and out of a daughter of Docs Stylish Oak who earned nearly $150,000 in her NCHA career.

Second high seller was a palomino son of One Time Pepto and out of Vanda Spark, a money-earning daughter of Shining Spark. This nice colt was consigned by Jake and Jessie Telford.

Related: Buying A Futurity Prospect with Jake Telford

NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale 2016 Reno-Sparks Events Center

Select Two Year Old Sale

The Select Two Year Old sale is always good watching. Top trainers show the most polished futurity prospects on cattle and in the dry work. The sale average was over $20,000.

Horses purchased on this portion of the sale are also eligible for extra purses at next year’s Snaffle Bit Futurity.

Top Seller:

This year’s high seller was Quejanaisacat, a bay colt trained by the mustached darling of the cowhorse world–Nick Dowers. This son of Cats Merada brought $115,000 for owner Charles Mills.

Nick Dowers riding the high seller Quejanaisacat, son of Cats Merada.



Performance Horse Sale

Average sale price for the Performance Horse Sale was up over 30% from last year’s results. 

Top Seller:

The top seller was Shes Smokin Cash, a five year old gelding in training with Ted Robinson. This kind-hearted son of Smokums Prize had been shown by a youth.

NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale 2016 Reno-Sparks Events Center

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Advice from Zane Davis on Shopping in Reno at the NRCHA Futurity Sale

One of the most celebrated horse sales in America may not be for coupon-clippers.

by Claire Buchanan & Lisa Whinfrey   

Zane Davis - NRCHA Futurity SaleThe NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale and other high-end sales associated with prestigious events may not be the ideal venue for bargain-hunters.

However, buyers looking for top bloodlines and horses trained in some of the best cowhorse programs in the world will definitely find some gems in the catalog!

Finding your next horse always depends on your goals for your training program. A horse that might work for one owner may not be a good fit for their neighbor’s aspirations. 

NRCHA Million Dollar Rider and 2009 Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion, Zane Davis, shared a few honest tips with The Sale Horse on seeking out good buys at the upcoming Reno sale.

Snaffle Bit Champions - Zane Davis - Reno
Snaffle bit champions – photo credit: NRCHA.com

1. Check X-Rays

All yearlings and two year olds consigned to the Snaffle Bit Sale must submit a series of x-rays. It’s best for buyers to take full advantage of this requirement.

If you’re not confident analyzing radiographs yourself, you can have your vet at home access them ahead of time. The sale also has on-site veterinarians available for this task.

No matter how much you like the horse, it’s worth the money to have a professional analyze what you’re bidding on.

G.Miller Photo - Zane Davis - Reno
G.Miller Photo

Learn more about what x-rays can and cannot tell you from this article.

2. Broke…but not TOO broke.

Zane advises buyers to be aware of the horse’s training history.

“We usually don’t buy two years old at Reno because the really good ones are spent, not always, but usually.” Zane explains, “by the time they get to Reno, those really great colts have generally been in heavy training and pushed hard. They may have physical problems or be mentally worn out.”

To evade this, consider tip number three:

3. Look for an actual two year old

Look for something riding around like a well trained two year old, instead of a colt that looks ready to compete in the show pen with three year olds.

“The really fancy ones can be over-broke and used up,” Zane says. He feels it can be a challenge to find some middle ground when shopping at such a prestigious sale.

It’s easy to get enamored by the high performers and overlook the greener horses.

Preview Horses Consigned to a Sale

4. Being “behind” in training is not a bad thing

“Two year olds that are a little behind on their training but still show a lot of ability can be a great buy at Reno,” says Zane. “Sometimes those kinds of colts will be cheaper since they won’t look as fancy as something that has been in training since last November. They won’t get as much attention.”

Watch the cow work for colts that seem to still need help from their riders but show a natural ability to read the cow.

In the dry work, a two year old committing to his stop but not yet sliding 20 feet might have just as much future–but with a lower price tag.

Zane Davis - Reno Sale
Avoiding burn out in show horses is crucial to their longevity – Lil Shiny Long Legs. Photo by Stephanie Duquette.

5. Don’t underestimate the ugly duckling

Generally speaking, horse buyers get better deals when they compromise on perfect looks.

“I had a horse in the sale once that was in training with me. She didn’t go for very much because she was kind of ugly,” Zane admits. “She only brought around $10,000.

“But the guy that bought her got a great deal. She went on to make the finals the next year and won $18,000. Plus, she was eligible for the Sales Incentive Purse, where she won $21,000.

“Then her owner sold her for around $20,000. After her earnings, he ended up making $40-50,000 on the whole deal! It’s rare that happens, but it’s not impossible.”

Zane Davis - NRCHA Futurity Sale
Photo by Primo Morales

6. What about bridle horses?

Horses on high profile sales tend to bring retail prices instead of wholesale prices, and that’s especially true for finished bridle horses. You should expect to spend top dollar for a horse that’s highly trained anywhere you go.

“I have a standing order for bridle horses and buyers will pay upwards of $65,000 for them.”

It’s a classic case of getting what you pay for. Zane warns that a relatively cheap bridle horse may be priced low for a reason, which is why it’s important to check x-rays. 

For example, a horse that’s been in competition for many years could have soundness issues, which may explain why the owner is willing to part with the animal for such a rock bottom price.

Basically, if you’re trying to find a bridle horse for a bargain, you’re pretty much better off shopping for a unicorn.

Bridle Horse meme

7. If you’re bargain-hunting, shop where the horses are

Zane Davis’ favorite sale is the Fort Worth Select Yearling Sale during the NCHA Futurity in December. He likes the huge selection, which he says can keep horses from bringing high-end retail prices.

“Texas, in general, has more horses with great bloodlines. In Reno, the 3 or 4 sale highlights might bring more money than they would on a different sale,” Zane says. “In Fort Worth, there are 50 horses just like them, which helps bring the prices down.”

It’s a little like shopping at Costco vs. a boutique! They both have their place–it just depends what you’re looking for.

Zane Davis - NRCHA Futurity Sale
The NRCHA’s largest Premier Event, the Snaffle Bit Futurity, moves to Fort Worth, Texas, in 2017 – Photo by Primo Morales

Zane Davis’ Top 3 Sires

Keep an eye on bloodlines from these high performing studs:
Zane Davis - NRCHA Futurity Sale
Futurity championship winner, horse of the year title, and NCHA Hall of Fame stallion. METALLIC CAT is the second highest money-earning stallion in the history of NCHA.

Dual Rey
DUAL REY has offspring earnings of over $26 million. He is the only horse to ever sire Open futurity champions in the NCHA, NRCHA, and NSHA–all in the same year!

Zane Davis - NRCHA Futurity Sale
ONE TIME PEPTO is the 2015 NRCHA #4 All Time Leading Sire

About Zane Davis

Zane Davis operates his Idaho Falls, ID training program with the help of his wife Holly and their three children:  Zayle, Dawson, and Presley. He is one of only 13 riders to pass the million-dollar mark for earnings in the NRCHA.

Zane has won the Snaffle Bit Futurity, as well as the Hackamore Classic, Reserve Championship at the Stallion Stakes, and many more. Zane’s official bio on the NRCHA Million Dollar Rider page calls him a “fixture in the Open finals at every NRCHA Premier Event.”

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How To Take a Good Sale Horse Photo

The No Excuses Guide To Taking a Great Horse Photo

by Claire Buchanan  //   @hellofromclaire

Snapping a great sale horse photo can be tough and for good reason. Pretty sells and your photo is the eye candy that captures a buyer’s attention. Follow our 5-step process for transforming any horse from pasture pet to crush-worthy.

Before & After

Our model for this photoshoot was a 3 year old bay filly. Before her photoshoot she had been turned out to pasture. She is not a fancy show horse and doesn’t have perfect conformation. Our quick bath and a little brushing took her from dusty to dazzling in less than an hour.

On mobile devices: tap either side of image to see comparison

  • Before-Bad Photo vs. Good Photo
    After-Bad Photo vs. Good Photo
    BeforeBad Photo vs. Good PhotoAfter

What you need to succeed:

A Camera

You don’t even need a fancy one! All photos in this post were shot with an iPhone.

About 1 Hour

It took us about 1 hour to get our final shot, including prep time. Plan to take photos when the light is best.

A Clean Horse

A bath and Show Sheen is ideal. A good brushing and a damp rag on the dustiest spots can also work well.

Another Person

Ask a friend to hold your horse. It will really help you out. Bribe them if you have to!

1. Plan for the best lighting

The best time to take photos is about 2-3 hours before sunset or after sunrise. The light is most flattering at these Golden Hour times of day.

Be sure to position your horse so the sun is shining on the whole side you’re photographing. This will help you avoid any harsh shadows, which cause weird effects on necks and legs.

An example of bad lighting combined with poor positioning. 

Bad horse photo

2. Pretty sells. End of story.

It doesn’t matter if you are the ranchiest, cowboyest, most buckaroo, backcountry, too old school for cool horse owner. Get a brush, a comb, and make your horse look nice. Think of it like taking a shower before a date. It really does matter. You’ll be happy with the extra Benjamins your brushing brings you. 🙂

On mobile devices: tap either side of image to see comparison

  • Before-Dusty vs. Clean
    After-Dusty vs. Clean
    BeforeDusty vs. CleanAfter

3. The trick to taking one good photo is to take LOTS of bad ones

You know what horses are super good at? Being horses. You know what they are bad at? Standing still with their ears forward, eyes open, neck level, and their feet perfectly positioned to show off their body.

Be prepared to take LOTS of photos in order to get a few good images. It can be frustrating and tedious, but totally worth it!

To get our final photo, we took about 40 photos. Of the 40, about 4 were worth considering and only 1 made the cut.

the whole camera roll of a sale horse photo shoot

4. Ideal positioning

Getting your horse into position is the most annoying part of taking horse photos. It is also the most important. Here are a few basic components for helping your horse look her best.

Consider the location

Before you start, choose a location that will show off your horse. Avoid busy or cluttered backgrounds; they take attention away from your horse. Especially avoid poles, panels, fencing, or any type of junk piles.

Make sure you are on level ground. Use the side of a barn, or similar blank space, when a nice view or open pasture are not available.

An example of a bad sale horse photo — uneven ground, poor lighting, and a busy background.

choosing a background

Ears & Eyes

A bright, alert expression is especially important. Ears perked forward and open eyes will make your horse look intelligent and willing. Use an extra person off camera to get your horse’s attention. You can see the difference the ears and eyes make in these four photos.

How to take a good sale horse photo
The ears and eyes help convey a sense of intelligence.


A natural neck position will help balance your horse and complement her top line. In the top example, the neck is too low. A low neck makes her look dopey and downhill. The middle example is too high, making her look scrawny and high-strung.

The last image is just right! It shows off her nice withers and conveys a calm attitude.

How to take a good sale horse photo
The top one is too low. The middle is too high. The bottom is just right!

Legs & Feet

Staggering the feet like the 4th image makes the hip and shoulders look best. Position the hind leg nearest the camera back towards the tail just a little bit. This will elongate the horse’s hip. The stifle will appear stronger and the whole hind end will look more muscular.

Avoid too much space between the front feet, as in the second example. It makes the horse look long and awkward. In the third example the legs are awkwardly hidden behind each other. Don’t do that either.

How to take a good sale horse photo
Leg positions to avoid (1-3). The 4th example is pretty ideal.

5. Edit your photo

Cropping your photo and adjusting the lighting will make your photo look professional and polished.

You don’t need photography experience to make a horse photo look extra awesome! It’s easy and you can do it on any smart phone or photo viewing program on your computer. Here’s how:

Before and After sale horse photo with iPhone

Editing on an iPhone

Select the Edit button in the top right hand side of any photograph on your iPhone. For other smart phone users, check this tutorial out.
editing sale horse pictures on iPhone
How to take a good sale horse photo

Crop & Straighten

Select the crop tool  and position your horse in the center. You can drag the corners of the bounding box to get the perfect crop.

Don’t cut off your horses ears or feet! Do crop out your friend’s hand, your shadow, your dog, or any other distracting elements.

Consider straightening the image so the horse’s back or background is level. To straighten, move your finger up or down over the number wheel to the right of the bounding box.

adjust lighting on horse photo

Brighten & Illuminate

Adjust lighting and saturation (color) to help brighten your image. In this example, I chose Light > Shadows to create a richer image. This simple change also made her shade of bay look more accurate.

Keep it simple when editing lighting and color. We recommend avoiding filters or extremes in shadows and highlights. The ideal photo is natural and beautiful.

All Together Now!

Here is the Before & After photo again with all our techniques implemented.

Good luck horse owners! May the photo be with you.

How to take a good sale horse photo
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Photos That Start With The Letter Dust

Once upon a time in Nevada…

a bunch of cowboys roped some big calves in the dust. It totally sucked, but it was also really awesome. Here are a few snaps of what it looked like.

  Knott Creek Ranch, Denio, Nevada
  October 2014
  Shot by @hellofromclaire

Ranch, Roping, and cowboying in Nevada
Knott Creek Ranch, like many ranches in the Great Basin region, was homesteaded in the late 1800’s by Basque settlers. Located about two hours northwest of Winnemucca in Denio, Nevada, Knott Creek Ranch is pretty much the middle of nowhere.

Local folklore claims that in the early 1900’s outlaws hid out in the unassuming Pine Forest Range that runs from Winnemucca to Denio. You wouldn’t know it driving through the sage brush desert of northern Nevada, but behind the 7,000+ ft. peaks lie high desert pine forests and surprising mountain lakes.

At one point in the mid-20th century, Knott Creek was one of a several ranches owned and operated by Simplot.

These photos were taken at Cove Creek, 16 miles from Knott Creek headquarters. Today’s run down corrals and buildings of Cove Creek functioned as a line camp during the days when the property was part of Simplot’s 6,000+ head cattle operation.

From Hackamore to Half-Breed: A progression of training levels.

four horses with snaffle, hackamore, and two-rein
When the ag-giant sold off the individual properties circa 1975, Winnemucca resident, Richard Drake, purchased the property.

The brand changed hands again when the current owners bought the property in 2014. Kim Summers, along with long time partner Chris Nelson, were brought on by the new owners to improve the historic ranch.

cowboys horseback laughing at a joke
Under the new management they grew the cattle operation from 300 head to over 1,000 in the first year. Within two years, Knott Creek increased the farm production from approximately 300 acres of flood ground to just over 1,500 acres of pivot irrigated ground.


 Follow @prsummers to see more photos of Knott Creek ranch life from the Queen Ranch Mom herself!

Ranch, roping, and cowboying in Nevada

At one point, it became so dusty that you couldn’t even see if your rope caught heels. A person just had to throw down and hope it came up tight.

Ranch, Roping, and cowboying in Nevada

If cowboys were also stand-up comics they would be this guy. 

The babelicious buckskin below was raised by Ostler Performance Horses in Drummond, Montana. Check out their stud here.

buckskin bridle horse and a cowboy roping
Ranch, Roping, and cowboying in Nevada
Ranch, Roping, and cowboying in Nevada

The next year they watered the trap a little better. 🙂

Ranch, rope, cowboying, Nevada

The End.

Special thanks to Penny Summers for lending her Nikon camera!

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